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Get To Know Jon


Jon Newcomb is a relationship coach with many years of experience helping individuals and couples overcome problems in relationships. Drawing on 20 years experience as a licensed marriage therapist, Jon offers practical solutions that are proven to help in the areas of conflict management and effective communication skills. Jon’s ultimate goal is to assist couples in restoring a strong emotional connection between partners.

Listening and Leading


Over the course of Jon's adult life, he noticed people regularly reached out to him for advice and counsel with emotional and relationship problems. He discovered that he had been practicing casual counseling for much of his adult life. Indeed, many people suggested that he pursue counseling as a profession since he helped so many with his advice. Late in his professional life, Jon enrolled in Minnesota School of Professional Psychology’s graduate program in Marriage and Family Therapy. This decision led to professional licensing as a relationship coach.

Jon is happily married, the father of five wonderful young adults, and the proud grampa of six amazing grandchildren. He found that drawing from his own life experience has been very valuable in working with clients. Moreover, Jon has personally experienced some of the struggles that they are facing. 

As a relationship coach, Jon is passionate about helping his clients learn to build the lives and relationships they desire. He is truly blessed. He has the opportunity to come alongside individuals and couples for a time as they discover solutions for difficult problems in their lives and relationships.