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Jon Newcomb is a relationship coach with many years of experience helping individuals and couples overcome problems in relationships. Drawing on 20 years experience as a licensed marriage therapist, Jon offers practical solutions that are proven to help in the areas of conflict management and effective communication skills. Jon’s ultimate goal is to assist couples in restoring a strong emotional connection between partners.

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Jonathan Newcomb

Founder & Life Coach

Coaching for Life


Success Stories

When I found out about my husband’s affair, I was ready to call it quits. Over many sessions, I was able to talk about my feelings about the pain it caused. I also began to recognize how I had contributed to the breakdown of our relationship. I am now learning to forgive him as well as forgiving myself.
My husband and I have been to counseling a couple different times throughout our 7 year marriage, each with multiple sessions. We find Jon very helpful and we are very comfortable talking with him. We feel he really listens so he can understand us before just throwing out advice. He has always been a positive mentor and coach and we will continue to go back even as our relationship improves.
Jon was a blessing to our relationship. He had an intuitiveness about our situation and walked us through our problems. He took his time and was respectful while very effective in his advice and expectations. Highly recommend for any couple at any stage in their relationship.

Why work with Jon?

over 40 years of practice and research

300+ success stories

Proven approach

Fully Online

Flexible and competitive pricing

I offer you a 30-minute consultation at no cost to you. We will explore what you see as some of the primary issues in your relationship. You will be introduced to basic concepts regarding improved communication skills, conflict resolution, working towards increased intimacy in your relationship, and other helpful topics. 

At the conclusion of this call, you will be presented with options to further your objective of improving your relationship.

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